Our Team

Our Officers

Rushank Goyal
President / Founder

Rushank founded A2M2 in 2021 after having worked to combat maternal mortality in his state for three years. He was inspired by the story of his grandmother, who narrowly avoided death during childbirth, and hopes to create a worldwide impact with his work at A2M2 and beyond. He has taken a more hands-off approach for the moment as he focuses on learning about effective maternal health practices from Mothers at Risk, a Belgian nonprofit, and Stanford, where he's an undergrad.

Rohan Kalahasty
President of Operations

Rohan is currently the VP Of Operations at A2M2, having joined the team after hearing about disparities in maternal morbidity across the world. Currently, he leads all new projects and developments within the A2M2 team.

Trisha Jha
President of Development

Trisha Jha currently attends Jordan High School. She has a deep interest in the intersection between business, technology, and medicine. She is the president of her school's TSA chapter and THT organization. She also enjoys photography and poetry, event planning, and music.

Rohith Yelisetty
Vice President of Technology

Rohith is currently the Vice President of Technology. He has an interest in the intersection between robotics and business and enjoys various hobbies such as playing the drums and leading his school's rocketry club.

Raj Gogineni
Project and Outreach Lead

Raj is currently the project and co-outreach lead of A2M2. He joined A2M2 after hearing about the inequality in maternal morbidity rates around the world. He currently helps lead all new projects and outreach efforts.

Vivi McDermott
Partnership Lead

Vivi McDermott is an incoming Molecular Engineering and Computer Science major at The University of Chicago and a proud A2M2 member. In her free time, she loves reading The Economist or vintage satire magazines, walking her cats, and taste-testing new Starbucks menu items.

Partnership lead

Rachel is a highschool junior. She is an active participant in her community through volunteering, clubs, and sports. Her favorite hobbies are reading and practicing the harp.

Jesse Choe
Technology lead

Jesse is the Tech Lead of A2M2. He is a high school senior at TJHSST and a USACO Platinum Division competitor interested in competitive programming, medicine, and finance.